Subs needed Sunday 6/10 and 6/17 8-9 am

need a sub for:

Sunday June 10 8am to 9am


Sunday June 17 8am to 9am

Thank you in advance for your help

Bob and Mildred M. 570-218-4904


I am looking for someone to permanently take my hour “every other” Wednesday AM 5-6.

Jim Melchiorre 570-394-7342 – Wednesday AM 5-6
I am looking for someone to permanently take my hour “every other” Wednesday. Between myself and another gentleman we rotate the 5-6am on Wednesday’s….. If he or I can’t make our scheduled Wednesday we switch with one another or find a sub. I don’t expect a commitment right away and I plan on going to my scheduled hour tomorrow 4-11-18 …. Thank you

Are you willing to spend an hour with Our Lord on Monday? Friday? or Saturday?

If you already have an hour, please pass this on to a friend.

The adoration chapel has hours with no permanent adorers on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Would a weekday hour better suit your schedule?   Check out Monday afternoon at 3 pm, or Friday afternoon at 4 pm.

Maybe a weekend hour would better suit you?   Open hours are Saturday at 1 am and Saturday afternoon at 2 pm.

If you are a night owl or shift worker, consider signing up for overnight hours on Monday at 2 am or Friday 3 am.

Contact Lisa at 570-204-2501 for more information.