Holy hours that need subs…

Sub are needed:

Monday 10/21 1-2 am

Wednesday 10/23 midnight-1:30 am

Wednesday 10/23 1:30-3 am

Saturday 10/25 4-5 pm

Tuesday 10/29 2:30-4 am

Tuesday 10/29 11 pm- midnight

Wednesday 10/30 midnight-1:30 am

Wednesday 10/30 1:30-3 am

Saturday 11/2 4-5 pm

Contact Kathy 570-259-0725 or Lisa 570-204-2501 or sign up using the webpage if you can cover a holy hour.


Subs needed on Saturdays November 2, 3-4PM and November 30, 3-4PM

Hello Fellow Adorers! My 6 Irish Dancing children will be competing for World & National spots over Thanksgiving weekend in Philadelphia. Could someone kindly help us out?  On November 2, they will be competing in Syracuse (final regional competition) and on November 30 (World & National qualifying comp) in Philadelphia. We need subs for those dates. As always your help is greatly appreciated.  

Kindly call or text me at 570-863-8223 if you could fill in on either of those dates.  

May God reward you!
Michele Resuta

Hours with no permanent adorer

Below is a list of the hours which have no permanent adorer.   

Are you part of a prayer group or ministry?  Can’t commit to a weekly hour?  Consider sharing an hour with another individual or group.  

Please help us find adorers to cover these hours.   Contact Lisa 570-204-2501 for more information.

  • Monday 1-2 am
  • Monday 12-1 pm
  • Tuesday 2:30-4 am
  • Tuesday 11 pm-12 am, every other week
  • Wednesday midnight–1:30 am
  • Wednesday 1:30-3 am
  • Friday 2-3 am, 5th week of the month
  • Friday 12-1 pm
  • Saturday 1-2 pm
  • Saturday 4-5 pm

Welcome – O Come Let Us Adore Him

O come, let us adore Him. O come, let us adore Him. O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!

We sing this song for a few weeks during the Christmas season, but you can live it year round.  The Perpetual Adoration Chapel on the grounds of the Basilica of St. Cyril’s and Methodius, Danville PA, has open hours with no permanent adorer and the majority of the hours have only one adorer.  Our goal is two adorers per hour each day. There is no better New Years resolution.  In 2019, spend an hour  a week with the Christ-child, himself.   For personal safety, the chapel closes during inclement winter weather.  Sign up for an hour that fits your schedule!   See contact page for divisional leaders phone numbers or submit your information and someone will contact you.