Many subs are needed this week and next…

Subs are needed for:

Thursday 4/25 1-2 pm hour is covered

Friday 4/26 12-1 pm – hour is covered

Saturday 4/27 4-5 pm – hour is covered

Monday 4/29 12-1 pm – hour is covered

Monday 4/29 3-4 pm – hour is covered

Tuesday 4/30 3-4 pm

Tuesday 4/30 11pm-12am

Wednesday 5/1 3-4 pm

Thursday 5/2 1-2 pm – hour is covered.

Saturday 5/4 1-2 pm

Saturday 5/4  4-5 pm

Contact Kathy 570-259-0725, if you can sub.


Miracle needed for more adorers

Fellow adorers,

The chapel needs a miracle…or perhaps miracles.   Currently we have 9 open hours with no permanent adorer, all requiring weekly substitutes.  In addition there are multiple adorers that need long term subs due to recovery from medical issues.   Finding coverage for all of the uncovered hours is arduous.

We need your help!   First, please pray that more persons respond to the call to become adorers.   An extra rosary, novena, or petition is appreciated.   Second, if you are able to sub, please look at the open hour calendar on the chapel webpage and sign up for an extra hour.   And finally, if you know anyone that may have interest a permanent hour or substitute, please talk with them or pass on their contact info to us.

For more information contact Lisa at 570-204-2501.   Help spread the word!   Please share this with a friend!

Open hours with no permanent adorer…weekly subs needed:

  • Monday 12-1 pm
  • Monday 3-4 pm
  • Tuesday 3-4 pm
  • Tuesday 11 pm-12 am, every other week
  • Wednesday 3-4 pm
  • Friday 12-1 pm
  • Saturday 1-2 am
  • Saturday 1-2 pm
  • Saturday 4-5 pm